is a legal process where a person who is incapable of managing their affairs is appointed a guardian to act on their behalf in the management the affairs of incapacitated persons.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a process where a person can establish plans for the distribution and management of their estate and family affairs after death. Estate planning can also involved creating documents to allow for the management of a person’s affairs during their lifetime should they become incapable

of managing their affairs or need shelter from taxation at death.


Will contests develop when a person dies with a Will and a beneficiary or a person who believes he or she should be a beneficiary files suit to contest the validity of the Will. After reviewing Wills as a staff attorney for Harris County Probate Court Three for over three years, Mr. Forbes is very familiar with Wills and how they can be contested and defended.

Administration of estates

Once a person dies, the deceased persons’ Will has to be probated or an Heirship must be done should the person die without a Will. An estate administration is the result of the probate of the Will or Heirship determination. Heirship determinations are a statutory based determination of who will receive the estate based on the descent and distribution laws of the State of Texas.
An independent Administration is where there is no court supervision of the administration of the estate. A dependent administration is where the court supervises the estate and the administrator is supervised by a Court and the administrator must secure permission for any acts done to settle and administer the estate.

Civil Law

Civil law includes lawsuits filed due to contract disputes or personal injury

claims. My general civil law practice involves probate and guardianship law, but would also include suits to resolve disputes over contracts,

personal injuries and other civil remedies.


My collections practice is related to my civil law practice but is exclusively related to debts that have arisen due to a breach of a contract.

  • Guardianship
    • Contest or Defense of Guardianship
    • Applications and Administration of Guardianship Estates
  • Estate Planning
    • Wills
    • Power of Attorneys
    • Trusts
  • Administration of Estates
    • Independent
    • Dependent
  • Wills
    • Contest or Defense of Wills
  • Civil law
  • Collections