Importance of Estate Planning

The problem with dying without a Will is that it becomes expensive process for your heirs. When you die without a Will, the law controls how your estate is distributed to your heirs. For example, if your children are not of your current marriage, then your children take your have of the community property of your marriage.

You can take control of how you want your property to distributed by doing a Will. In addition, you can also make provisions for who you would like to be guardians of your minor children.

I charge $2000 to probate a Will…the price doubles for creating an administration where a person dies without a Will. Doing a Will is important no matter how small or large you estate is, plus, you may win the lottery the day before you die.

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Will Planning

Disability, chronic illness, and death can create enormous emotional and mental stress on a family. Many people are challenged and confused when a loved one dies or becomes unable to make decisions for himself/herself.

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The comfort in knowing end-of-life wishes is a one of the greatest gifts one can provide for their family members